Resin Flower Jewelry How Are They Made
Floraever was founded by Taeja Ellerbeck who has a passion for using the beauty of nature to create delicate and artistic jewelry. Her love for jewelry began when she was 23 years old and traveled to Mexico & India to study beading, wire wrapping, and silversmith work.

During her travels and studies, she dreamt up ideas to create one of a kind pieces that use plants as the centrepiece of her jewelry and she is always admiring nature for new inspiration. You can often find her foraging, searching for local wildflowers & ferns to preserve for her work.

There are many steps involved with her creations, all starting with the gathering of wildflowers & plants. Many of the tiny florets go through a stem dying or hand-dying process before being individually dried and pressed. Each flower is then individually snipped and meticulously placed under multiple fine layers of a jewelry-grade resin. Each layer takes about eight hours to cure before the next layer can be applied.

Many of her pieces use a metal framework that is hand-forged herself. This requires designing the jewelry, then soldering, shaping, and polishing. She then assembles her pieces together, drilling holes and adding jump rings.

The wood incorporated into the jewelry must first be carefully designed, then locally harvested, laser-cut and each piece is then hand-sanded multiple times, stained, and lastly coated in natural beeswax to protect the wood from the elements.

When the jewelry is completed, every product is then photographed and edited by Taeja Ellerbeck.

Floraever is a jewelry line that reflects the natural beauty in the world, making it last forever.