Midnight Yarrow Locket


FLORAEVER has captured tiny Yarrow blooms on the coastlines of Vancouver Island, Canada where each and every specimen is preserved inside many fine layers of jewellery-grade resin and has been dried over many weeks to retain their colour and details.

Each flower arrangement is held in a hand-formed, quality sterling silver framework that creates a tiny window into a secret garden and the back of the pendant is a deep black which highlights the beautifully vibrant pinks and purples in the flowers. 

This One-Of-A-Kind necklace is completely handmade and designed by Taeja Ellerbeck who gets her inspiration from Vancouver Island's nature and surroundings.

***There are two options for your candles!  We have a floral "Lily & Honeysuckle" or an earthy "Cypress and Cedar".  If you have a preference please leave us a note at the checkout which one you would like.***

•A Gifted Locally Handmade Soy Candle
•Four Gifted Chocolates
•Free Domestic Shipping
•Hand forged sterling silver frame 12mm in diameter
• 19" sterling silver chain
•Photo depicts scale only
•Gift wrapped in a beautiful and sturdy kraft box filled with cotton
Descriptive business card with jewellery care details
Sent in an eco-friendly packaging

Avoid exposure to water, as well as oils, chemicals, and perfumes.  If the silver begins to tarnish, use a jewellery cleaning wipe on the metal areas only.  To clean smudges off the resin, use a microfiber lens cloth or a non-abrasive cloth with clear soap and water and carefully pat to dry.  Store your jewellery in a safe place away from extreme heat and direct sunlight.

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